Felix Ashimole Welcomes YC Maikyau To Owerre NBA

Without much ado, I take pleasure in abandoning my campaign to welcome this big masquerade to NBA Owerre.

In deed Amadioha directs the footsteps of great men to cross.

I came here in my own oh! But the waves from Nwa Orie whispered that YC Maikyau SAN is coming. I welcome him to my state capital and wish him well in all his endeavors and whatever that chased him into Owerre, ò ga ewerre ihe oma.

While wrapping up this, Jonathan Taidi also came in. He has not consulted the oracle and in honesty, I can not speak on him until the gods say so.

Like big masquerades they are, there are other tiny masquerades fanning them but of these tiny masquerades, there is one, who out of humility chose to appear small but he is a man-mountain, a dependable growing iroko, Mazi Afam Osigwe.

I welcome you all.

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