Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop AICMC,AMNIM, lauds the NBA Enugu and Nsukka Branches over their April Monthly Bar meetings.

I salute the Chairmen and EXCOS of NBA
Enugu and Nsukka for upholding and
sustaining the agelong tradition of the Bar
wherein Bar menen and Women must
converge to x-ray issues related to or
affecting the legal or and strive to proffer
joint resolutions to address same.
I enjoin you to sustain this goodly legacy
and encourage to embrace and promote
same even after your dismount from the
leadership saddle. I Congratulate and say
kudos to you for the examplary efforts
exerted in the interest of the Bar. Thank
Yours Truly
Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop AICMC,
Former Vice Chair and
Bukuru Branch.

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