Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop, AICMC, AMNIM lauds the NBA PortHarCourt Branch over succesful Monthly meeting

It was exciting to witness the integrious
Professionalism and decorum with which
the meeting was conducted. I was
humbled to see OCJ Okocha SAN and
Okey Wali SAN former and respected
National Presidents of our great Bar, as
well as Frank Ombo Briggs (our 3rd Vice
President) lead by great example by
availing themselves and deligently
participating and adding colours to the
meeting from the start to finish, to the
awe and admiration of many of us
I commend the Chairman and EXCO of
the NBA PortHarCourt for hosting such a
standard examplary and engaging
meeting wherein the matters arising were
tackled with uncommon discretion to a
conclusive end. I commend the industry
and team work harnessed by the Branch
leadership to pull off the success of the
auspicious and August meeting. You
proved yourselves as bonafide legal
Offspring of the legal Collusses herein
before named.
Thank you.
Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop, AICMC,
AMNIM, Former Vice Chair and NEC Rep
NBA Bukuru Branch.

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