1000 Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria Awards Afam 2022 Peace Ambassador & Global Diplomat

Afam O. Okeke Esq,Chairman Sports Committee NBA Abuja Unity Bar, was on Sunday 24 April honored and inducted as 2022 PEACE AMBASSADOR & GLOBAL DIPLOMAT by 1000 Peace Ambassadors of Nigeria.

Due to complications with getting flight from PH to ABJ, Afam was not present to collect the award but was represented by Ekene Arubalueze, Esq. and stood in to be decorated.

Afam O Okeke, the Pioneer Chairman Young Lawyers Forum, former Publicity Secretary and Secretary NBA Abuja (Unity Bar), has quietly collected nomination form to continue service to Unity Bar as Chairman in the forthcoming June 9th election.

Speaking to us, he said that there is no need in making noise or snapping pictures while picking form. That NBA is not a political party but association of professionals and that lawyers at all times, in all affairs, exhibit decorum, be sober and go about their activities with all sense of humility.

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