NBA Prayer Drafted By Senator C. Onyeabo Obi & Mrs H. Aderinsola Balogun In 1986

Che, oh why do I always call you that and not Felix? Wetin concern you with NBA prayer? You de go church?

Senior, did NBA prayer mention any deity? The composers left it to your conscience and it is a true secular prayer as we all are one in the brotherhood called NBA.
Meanwhile Senior, how many time will I explain that a man must answer a name befitting his character? This is why when ndi igbo take Ozo or Nze title, they choose names befitting their characters or showcasing what they had done; Oyinatumba (Cold that catches a town-terror to evil people)
-Ogbu agu (killer of lion) Ogbu ehi (killer of elephant) Ochoudo(peace maker) eri ogu (warrior-eater of war) etc.

Che, You are making sense but you started late in this your consultation to contest for a post in NBA. Many people had already aligned with two of the candidates vying for the same position.

Senior, I am not starting late. All those who started last two years, jumped the gun. They are those contributing to making NBA election expensive. You start when ECNBA releases guidelines for election. What if after moving around for two years, I fail to be eligible to meet the ECNBA guidelines?

Felix, that’s true but delay defeats equity oh!

But in law, practice and politics, realignment, withdrawing processes, amending same and deposing to further and better affidavit are allowed in the discovery of fresh facts. I am the fresh fact. I ask you to hear me out and you may see need to withdraw from where you are and realign in the best interest of the Bar.
*Please go through my manifesto when ECNBA releases it and make up your mind.*

Felix, off the mic. Ok oh! Your mouth don de run now. Hope you can deliver?

Senior, NBA Prayer is there to guide us. Lawyers should reflect on it daily and in their dealings with all. I like these phrase most, “*AND DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT AND JUST FOR OUR PROFESSION, ITS MEMBERS, OUR FELLOW MEN AND OUR COUNTRY,”*

Are you doing that which is best for our association by insisting on where you had aligned to? Will our association not benefit more if you keep an open mind, evaluate all candidates before sticking to one?
I may have started late in your estimation, but Senior, overtaking is allowed, no be person wey first call Police is right or na im go win case.
Finally Senior, delay may defeat equity but that is why we have Appellate Courts, to make sure that legitimate “late comers”, are not denied Justice.
Senior, ALL I ask is, review your alignment, you may see reasons to listen favorably to my appeal to you.

© Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq

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