COVID-19 Fraud At The Airports & In Govt. Institutions

Straight from the hip, I believe there is COVID-19 and it has killed a lot of people. But the mystery and myth surrounding it, is a fear tactics, to get the world into massive buying of pharmaceutical products without asking questions or looking for alternatives to drugs, jabs and COVID-19 protocols.

At the airports, there are different standards and observations of the so called COVID-19 protocols.

In Abuja, they spray your bag before you move into the airport. But this not the protocol in other airports.  In Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, Imo state, this procedure is not observed. And like inside Nnamdi International Airport Abuja, Social distancing is not maintained. Passengers brush each other’s ass with bulging front and some rob their breast at the back of the person in front.

Apart from airports, all Government Institutions I visited in Owerri and Umuahia only insisted on wearing of face mask and if don’t have it, there is always a staff close by, who will sell to you at N200 instead of the street value of N100.

The question is, did FAAN not buy enough equipment to serve all the airports in Nigeria?

Did FAAN supply all these and the different airport managers refuse to deploy it? Why do we wear face mask to enter the airport, remove it, mingle carelessly and once we enter the iron-bird, the air hostess will insist politely that we pull the face mask up?

It is shameful seeing a lady squeezing hand-sanitizer into your palm as you are about to enter the departure lounge of most airports in Nigeria.

The Russian-Ukrainian war has finally put a stop to the international conspiracy on COVID-19. The opening of Europe and abandoning of all COVID-19 protocols in UK, should give us something to chew over.

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA.

While I subscribe to personal and community hygienic procedures, Nigerian Government should remove these restrictive protocols, it serves no purpose but to enrich few corrupt officers, who live off people’s fears.

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