Pardon Of Dariye And Nyame; Leave Buhari Alone Blame…

Weep not. 
We are all responsible for the pardon granted to former Governors Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame of Plateau and Taraba States respectively, who are serving terms in jail for corruption.    

Membership of the National Council of State (NCS) includes your Governor whom you voted. If he fails to attend NCS meetings, you should ask him questions. It is your right.

Buhari, hate him or like him, is merely the Chairman of NSC and a minority in that NCS.
Your Governor chickened out, refused to say no.
If 36 of them or as is customary, 2/3 of them stuck to their guns, they would have torpedoed the pardon. Or did they say yes because they too are thieves and need to show solidarity to their fallen comrades in theft?

Former Head of state, who are members of NCS

Apart from your Governor you voted and refused to check him, All former Chief Justices of Nigeria (CJN)  whose courts convicted the duo, are members of the NCS.  All former heads of state (civilians and military) are members. So these leaders and jurists couldn’t speak truth to Buhari, that although he has the power to pardon(Section 175 Supra), the optics is bad and doesn’t tell well of his avowed readiness to fight corruption frontally.

Lowo, Yewande & Ajimobi former Oyo state Governor

Before we throw away the baby with bath water, we need to remember that, a week to leaving office in 2019, former Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo state, relying on Section 212 spura, pardoned Yewande Oyediran Esq, who was convicted of  killing her husband, Lowo.

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