NBA Election 2022; 5 GS Hopefuls Hustling To Serve 1 President

For a smooth, productive secretariat romance like between Afam Osigwe(now SAN), and Augustine Alegeh, SAN, lawyers must choose their General Secretary(GS) well, to avoid a rancorous tenure.

What is the secret of a harmonious, symbiotic relation between president and GS?
Me I was told but was told not to tell tales.

If you disagree with the first paragraph, can you name the past GS and what was their relationship with the president they served under was?

NBA is on the threshold of another choice making. 3 Presidential candidates have shown interest, while 5 candidates have shown interest in replacing  as the GS.

If mathematically we conjure a permutation and pair a GS candidate to a presidential candidate, we will have two left over.

Who is this leftover? Who among the 3 will work well with any of the 3 presidential hopefuls?

Outgoing GS of NBA Joyce Oduah, FICMC

One of the major reasons why GS are not given room to be politically seen in NBA, is because of whom he or she supported in the course of his emergence. If he backed presidential candidate A and B wins, B will not give him room to excel beyond restricting him or her to the square provisions of

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA

As you choose your presidential candidate, bear this in mind, for him to excel and deliver all the flowery promises he made, you must vote in a GS that will not give him headache or heart pain!

Choose well when the time comes.

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