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Felix, Chukwuma, Che Oyinatumba, Bishop of The Sinners Assembly?
Only you, all these names? Can you choose one, so that when we send thunder to fire you, we know which one to attack?
No. Sir. I am all rolled into one. One man they say, “una welcome.”
Better be serious, you are no longer enfant terrible, shey you want to contest for NBA Publicity Secretary? Better behave oh.
Tomorrow is Easter, resurrection Sunday, I shall resurrect too. I will operate as Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq while others, will be on the fringes until I finish my service to NBA. I don’t want people to mix issues, so I took time to write this, so that you can understand me when you read me. You should know who the author is; Felix, Chukwuma, Che, or Bishop.

If you understand this, you will have no problem engaging me nor will we quarrel over mere adjective I used or erotic pictures I paint with words.

I was born nameless, a spirit in search of name to manifest but my parents chose to name me without my consent. They named me, Felix Chukwuma Akuazaoku.
As I became a reader of the Bible, participating in Sunday School quiz organized by Anglican Children Ministry (ACM) and Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF), did 3 years in St John Chrysostom Seminary Osina,(where my rebellion both spiritual and political took a deep root, despite being a prefect) as well as becoming Secretary of Evangelical Fellowship In The Anglican Community (EFAC), St. Peter’s Irete.
The above spiritualism led me to discover Felix (4th Roman procurator of Judea Province in 52–60) in Acts of The Apostles chapter 24. What I read about him there and in some Bible commentaries, made me to dislike the name. Governor Felix, requested for bribe from Paul!

But before I could fully rebel, some of the trait of Marcus Antonius Felix has stuck and I still fight daily to revert to my state of nameless, so that I can choose a better name.
In line with my readings about nationalism and African independence, I mimicked Awolowo who dropped of Jeremiah from his name, Zik also dropped Benjamin. So I dropped Felix and chose to be known as Chukwuma Akuazaoku Ashimole.   And boom, I was introduced to Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. Hmmm!! My poor self and violent names following me. So I had to keep rebelling unconsciously. Constantly at war with myself and all elements around me.

CHE OYINATUMBA -Ofu ji Obodo Abua na eme offload( the cold that catches a town, a tuber of yam that can only be offloaded by two communities ).
To cut this long epistle short, after few years in University of Abuja, the University felt I and 45 others (names withheld, they have tamed their demons and have little or nothing to do with me.), should graduate before our time.
My sister, the first University of Abuja ASUU Treasurer, felt I needed to hone my rebellion well, introduced me to writings of Bala Usman and Patrick Willmott. My sister obtained her PHD in ABU and in tune with Bala Brought Ups. From these readings, she also wrote a letter to Dr. Abubakar Momoh of Dept. of Political Science, LASU. Momoh was one the then leading radicals in ASUU and right hand man of Attahiru Jega then ASUU President.
So to LASU I went, after scoring 253 in JAMB, was no 3 on the merit list, so Momoh’s influence was not needed to get me admission but Momoh ruined me. He in 1997, the 30th anniversary of the death of Chè, introduced me to  Ernesto Chè Guevara. The rest is history and Chè was born in me.  The name of my registered law firm, is CHE OYINATUMBA & ASSOCIATES.

Lotus pose in Mahatma Ghandi style, is my choice civil disobedience protest posture. Here in 2010, I was protesting poor service delivery at CAC and routinely, CAC used DSS to arrest me but being innocent, I was regularly released after drinking coke with an Assistant Director at DSS Yellow House.

May God rest the soul of Prof. Abubakar Momoh. A good mentor, father figure and my friend. He made me Secretary of INEC ad hoc Committee that reduced Nigerian Constitution and Electoral Act into pocket sized edition of less than 50 pages.

Trying to runaway from Chè, I became born again and reverted to my church boy days but as a Bishop of The Sinners Assembly. The Sinners Assembly, is registered in CAC as an NGO, you can say a church. It is an Afro-free thinking mix with teachings of all ancient masters.

So today, I fight these personalities and when calm, I function in them effortlessly without them clashing. But you see that bribe side of Governor Felix? I hate it with a passion.

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