Dear Peter Obi; we want to go home for Easter

Dear Peter Obi,
I know how to reach you quietly but I chose this medium, so that the world can join in the discussion and together, we find lasting solution insecurity in Nigeria, particularly, in the South East.
There is no need reminding you that Nigerians are excited with your intention to contest for the presidency of Nigeria, subject to your getting the ticket from your party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). You insistence that you can only contest, if it is zoned to the South East, makes you appear like a weak candidate, who wants to be spoon fed.
Go out there, fight for it and bring it home to South East. Don’t make yourself appear like a weak candidate.
This same South East sentiment you are riding on, is in turmoil and in need of healing. What are your prescriptions to solve the insecurity in the South East? Whether you get the PDP ticket or not, you are one of the outstanding leaders of South East, whose voice caries weight.
Sir, you need to speak up on the insecurity in South East.
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has made it clear that politicians, should first find solution to the insecurity in South East before talking about election in 2023.
This loaded message, is a window, a willingness of the part of IPOB to work with, collaborate with whosoever that is willing, to find solution to the insecurity in South East.
Sir, charity begins at home. You may not be able to solve it but you must talk about it and advance solutions. If you lack ideas on how to douce the fair raging in your farm, who will trust your prescription and apply them to their farm?
Votes win election. You cannot rig beyond the number of registered voters in any given polling unit.
“Unknown Gunmen” attacked an INEC Voters Continuous Registration and PVC collection Centre in Ihitte Uboma LGA of Imo state and you are quiet, quietly going about your consultation outside South East. Two of those people killed, are your potential votes but you have not raised your voice.
Others have been traumatized and I assure you, they will not near any polling unit. Being a man who bandies figures and statistics, I need not tell the consequences of the ripple effect of this.
Many South Easterners, couldn’t go home to celebrate Easter due to insecurity and fear that they could be the next victim of “Unknown Gunmen.” South East is bleeding to death and we have not heard from you.
Sir, you can organize your co-travelers on this 2023 train, to speak out, reason together and find solution to the insecurity in South East.

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA.

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