Jesus, is not the Lamb of God-Bishop of The Sinners Assembly

The writers of the New Testament, gave him a title that was not his.

He is the Goat.
Mind you, every scholar of the Bible believes that Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament and not to condemn it.

It is further agreed that all prophesies about salvation, forgiveness of sin and deliverance, told in the Old Testament, were shadowing the appearance of Jesus.

He is a Goat. In fact a scapegoat.
On the Cross, Jesus bore the sins of the world, was abandoned by all, just like the scapegoat.

I allow you to read Leviticus 16:21–22, then come back and let us reason together.

Jesus is not the Lamb of God but the scapegoat, who carries the sins of the people.

Exodus Chapter 12 didn’t restrict the animal whose blood will be on the door post to Lamb but (5).
Scholars disagree on this but those who want Jesus to be the Lamb of God, stick to the version that reads Lamb instead of “the animal you choose.”

The Lamb branded Jesus in the New Testament, reinforced this myth by saying in Matthew 25:31-46(read up.)

In the Old Testament, sheep, ram or lamb were used for other forms of sacrifices but not for sacrifices for the atonement of sin.

Was Jesus not a Goat? The Goat that takes away the sins of the world?
The Roman authorities in need of docile Jews, who will not join the Zealots or Barabbas’ insurrection (Luke 23:19, he was “in prison with the rebels who had committed murder during the insurrection” against the occupying Roman forces), encouraged writer to paint Jesus as a docile Lamb instead of a stubborn goat.
They understood the powers of the emerging Jesus Movement and needed to use it in the best interest of the state-Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church was born, distortions started, backed by the state.
You either believe the new doctrine or the Church will use the Roman soldiers to compel obedience.
© Bishop of the Sinners Assembly.

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