Felix Ashimole, Our Corespondent Visits Abuja Chamber Of Commerce

Against the cheering news that some NBA politicians eying one post or the other, have invaded First Floor of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abuja, like the way nominal politicians invade their parties national headquarters to pick form, we decided to visit to see who and who came with what size of entourage.

The first floor is cozy, Blessing the lawyer attending to “politicians”, is beautiful, cheerful and engaging. She handled those flirting with her professionally, courteous but still drawing the line.

We didn’t go with our photographer but drove into a beautiful lady serving her father land and she beautifully was of service to us.

We were reliably informed that the deadline for submission of duly filed form, is 16:00 hours on Friday, 15th April. We wanted to find out, if against the backdrop that Friday will be public holidays to mark Good Friday, will the deadline be extended?

Cheerfully, full of smiles, we were told that, enough time had been given and any diligent, serious politician, should have complied. That these politicians have time to attend to branch functions at the drop of a hat, they should be able to comply.

Furthermore, those who cannot physically submit, provisions had been made for them to submit through a reputable courier company.

After about two hours wait, we left. We were informed to come back on Thursday as there will be beehive of activities, as Nigerians like last minute, fire brigade attention to issues.

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