Remembering O.O. 3 Years After

NBA politicians hustling and jostling for votes, will not remember him, for he is no more.
When he was, you dare not move into NBA Kaduna without paying homage.
If he was, I assure you, many will dare terrorists and bandits on Abuja-Kaduna road to visit him in KD.
But Olumuyiwa Olowokure Esq, fondly called O.O., is no more but a fleeting shadowy memory in the heart of NBA politicians. For us who knew him, loved him, waged battles for restoration of sanctity in NBA, particularly the 2018 NBA election, will never forget this fine gentleman, a warrior, upright man and an outstanding, dependable friend.
When sickness and death come, we pay, pray for extension of time to do what we ought to have done.
Some promise God they would be a better person, love their neighbors and have time for their family.
When sickness and death blows away, we prey, left to do those things we promised and often times, become worse than we were when sickness and death were calling.
Make our time today, to live life to the fullest; make memories with you family and friends.
Once life expires, you are nothing but memory in the mind and heart of those you shared this mortality with.
My friend OO, left lots of good memories. We only turn, remember one and a smile springs up from the bottom of our soul.
We remember him and feel inadequate that we didn’t appropriate more of the short time he was here with us.
OO, your memory will linger on, long after the earth may have eaten your flesh; you live; you live!

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