NBA Abuja (Unity Bar) Decides In Midst Of Disunity

While lawyers in Abuja are agog with unprecedented number of Abuja based  lawyers running for offices at the Nation, NBA Gwagwalada and NBA Abuja (Unity Bar), are set to change leadership this June.

According to REF: EC/UB/ABJ/2022/-01;Invitation To Nominations of Candidates for Branch Offices, signed by Unity Bar Electoral Committee Chairman, Olatunji, Esq and Anthony Idoko, Esq, the 2022 Unity Bar election, will take place on 9th June, 2022.

The said notice, too dressing from NBA National, zoned some offices.
Chairman is zoned to South East,
Secretary to Northern Zone,
Assistant Secretary to other zones excluding the Northern zone.
The fee for form to contest are;
Chairmanship N100,000
Vice Chairman and Secretary, N75,000
Other Offices is N50,000 and Provost and Assistant is N25,000.

At the time of this report, it is not clear if this notice will serve for conduct of Bulus Atsen’s led Unity Bar.

Bulus Atsen, Esq & Folarin Aluko, Esq at April meeting of NBA Bwari.

We are reliably informed that this faction has also zoned its Chairmanship to the South East and some members have shown interest.

According to bush telegram, the following sons of South East are interested to contest from both divide of Unity Bar.

Afam O. Okeke

Eric Ibeh

Chidi Udekwe

Ajuluchukwu Eze

Diugwu Godwin

Apart from these early birds, some dark horses are in the stable, waiting for the right time to sprint and gallop to the brace the tape.

The refusal of the igbo extraction to harmonize their interest, is feared that it may give room for a consensus candidate from the riverine component of East. ie; Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers and Rivers.

The apex Igbo lawyers association, Otu Okaiwu, has refused to openly cast its lot with any of the warriors. Otu Okaiwu, I was informed, does not want to be entangled or caught in the crosshair of NBA politics.
We shall be x-raying these candidates as they campaign towards June 9.

Ashimole Felix, Esq publisher of Kubwaexpress has passion for a truly digitalized NBA

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