Ahead Of Unity Bar Election; Otu Okaiwu To Hold Leadership Summit

After our publication, https://kubwaexpress.com/2022/04/11/nba-abuja-unity-bar-decides-in-midst-of-disunity/, the President of Otu Okaiwu, Ejiofor Onwuaso, Esq, got across via a telephone call. He insisted that there was no division in Otu Okaiwu that igbo lawyers are united in Abuja, in pursuit of their calling.

On the zoning of Unity Bar Chairman to the South East(predominantly igbo zone), he said that Otu Okaiwu is being careful not to be seen as meddling into politics but that Otu Okaiwu will be happy, if one of her member emerges. Fearing that thunder may strike at the same spot twice, he urged all prospective candidates, to remember that igbo interest must be paramount at all times.

Six years ago, the chairmanship was zoned to the South East but disqualification and counter disqualification, led the Branch into crisis.  He prayed that Ozo emena and urged ndi igbo to have a united front.

Dr.Ude, Secretary and Ejiofor Onwuaso, Otu Okaiwu President.

Against this backdrop, the President says that Otu Okaiwu, is organizing Leadership Summit in the nearest future to interact with all igbo aspirants in the forthcoming Unity Bar election.

We shall as usual, keep you up dated on latest development on events and news around Kubwa, NBA and others.

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