Pyrates Confraternity Kubwa Gifts A Wheelchair

The Zuma Deck of the National Association of Seadogs, popularly known as the Pyrates Confraternity (PC), today, visited Kuchibuyi Health Centre, to present a wheelchair to an aged woman. 

They met the immobile woman last year when they went for hospital out reach and touched by the condition of the woman, resolved to provide with aid to aid her mobility.

The Capon, Emmanuel Adie, Esq on behalf of his members made the presentation to the woman. He said it was a fulfillment of the promise they made a year ago and members contributed to the purchase of the wheelchair. The woman, was deeply moved by emotions and she cried.

The representatives of the Kuchibuyi district head, secretary to the district palace, the youth chairman and woman leader were in attendance and expressed gratitude to the Pyrate Confraternity.

According to Adie Esq, Pyrates Confraternity, is not a cult but a non-governmental organization, committed to charity, to support for human rights and social Justice in Nigeria. 

The journey to Kuchibuyi started from Anchor Point at Kubwa phase 4 and they trekked. As part of keeping fit, the PC has a trek club. The trek club is open to non-members.

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