RG Of CAC Calls; Offers Solution But We…

After we published; “Lawyer Laments Incompetency In CAC Calls On The RG To Resign” https://kubwaexpress.com/2022/04/04/lawyer-laments-incompetency-in-cac-calls-on-the-rg-to-resign/ , we got a call from the Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), A.G.Abubakar, Esq.

He insisted that no staff has the right to over rule consent he had given. And that Organization and Association has the same connotation. He wanted me to give him the name that was originally given consent to.

We denied to give him. If given, it will be easy to know the staff that overruled him; CAC is computerized and every application worked on, has history of who worked on it and at what time. What we do at kubwaexpress, is to raise the mirror for erring party or institution to take a redress. We are not witch hunting any staff. But when it is absolutely necessary, we do not think twice in mentioning names.

We know A.G.Abubakar, Esq and we have had many skirmishes from his days as SA. We assure you that, if we give him what he requested, that staff is off the Commission in split second.
Kubwaexpress cannot be adding to the unemployment population of Nigeria or deny any home daily bread. Let him sound a note of warning that once his office grants consent, no other staff except his office, can deny it or query it.

We appreciate his call and prompt response but we had to decline.

The concerned lawyer had already complied with the query, paid CAC extra N5,000, have done fresh newspaper publication. He is still lamenting that his profit margin has been deeply eaten into by this denial.

Nigeria can work, most CEO and MD are far from realities in their establishment and depend heavily on the staff under them. Staff they had trained and trusted but at times, these staff misbehave, mislead the public, giving the impression that they are acting under the strict instruction of Oga.

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