Conversation With Myself Too

Ever since I read Mandela’ Conversation With Myself,(about 4yrs ago), I have been inspired to have same. It keeps tugging at my subconscious, because there are actions I have taken, which not explained, will still leave me a mystic in your eyes and mind, instead of a fellow mortal in search of heaven here on earth.

It has become necessary that I have this conversation with myself too. I have overcome the fear of people overhearing me and concluding that he has gone loko, bunckers and off the handle. Which reasonable man talks to himself?

But once you dabble into politics, be rest assured that your opponents will mud sling you and if you do not have conversation with yourself to explain yourself, these mud will stick and the rest of your campaign will be wasted explaining your actions instead of advancing your manifesto and plans for your constituency.

In descent times, Barack Obama and Michelle got it right and made sure their campaign was not dragged into the mud, which was the favorite game of republicans. Her quote has now become iconic, “When they go low, we go high”

Politicians beyond campaign rally rhetorics, should write articles on national, local and trending issues, this way, the nation or your immediate constituency, will know your mind on issues, know the risk they are taking by supporting you. Nigerian politicians of all coloration and at whatever level, should be encouraged to have conversation with their soul, write by themselves and not hiring “scholars” to write for them. I was embarrassed when I met one and he couldn’t engage me on a chapter of his so called autobiography.

It is left for contestants not their supporters to determine how nasty, brutish and toxic a campaign can be. Your supporters can only throw darts they know you will approve and often times, what your supporters say, are things they heard you say or insinuate about your opponent.

Ashimole, Felix Chukwuma, Esq aka Chè Oyinatumba, Ofu ji ana eme offload.

Aware of these and being a seasoned man of the street, I shall start having conversation with myself and urge you to patiently follow and interrogate me on issues and not my shortcomings; we all are sinners, we only sin differently but if we understand our differences, we will make a formidable team and serve our community well.

©Ashimole, Felix, Chukwuma, Esq.
Called to Bar in 2003
Former Welfare Secretary.
Former Member NBA Anti-Corruption Committee.  Former Secretary  NBA Bwari

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