Snake Bites Civil Defense Worker’s Manhood

According to news report by Leadership Newspaper, snake attacked a telecommunication worker engaged by FCT Command of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) at Wuse Zone 5. He was bitten twice on his manhood by the snake and rushed to a hospital, but was later withdrawn to receive traditional medicine which his family preferred.

This triggered panic and in a bid to kill the snake, the Command engaged the services of a local snake charmer.
In the course of his chant, 9 pythons were retrieved from the toilet.

Some officers who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said “non-native” pythons seemed to have established a breeding population at the office premises.
As I speak to you, we are now afraid of night duty. The March 29 incident was not an isolated case, as snakes have become regular guests at the FCT command.”

LEADERSHIP Sunday  further gathered that most officers have vowed never to use the restrooms at the premises or even sleep while on night duty again after the frightening incident and numerous other cases of snakes moving around the car park and pavilion which are surrounded by trees.

The officers said the problem was further compounded by poor power supply, especially at night.

An officer said, “On that fateful day, my colleague and I were coming out of the security post when the victim screamed and when we rushed to his aid, we saw a big snake, raised the alarm and immediately alerted our superiors.

“Members of our Rapid Rescue Unit were alerted and they immediately rushed to the spot and took him to a hospital.  The snake bit him twice on his manhood. On hearing the news, other officers and visitors at the premises immediately left the premises.”

A female officer who refused to disclose her department which according to her shares the same toilet block, said another snake was spotted near the exit gate of the office but before alerting others, it escaped.

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