20 Bandits Invade Kubwa; Police Rebuttal BUT WE STAND BY OUR STORY

After we reported yesterday that there was robbery at Pipeline Kubwa,https://kubwaexpress.com/2022/03/30/bandits-invade-kubwa-pipeline/,  Nigeria Police took to air to debunk the story. It is their usual trademark.

But when someone in a WhatsApp group I belong to, copied the Police statement and tagged Kubwaexpress, I understand the innuendo, he even requested that subsequent reports, should be accompanied by video evidence. Please who videos a robbery operation by 2am without being accused of being a member of the gang?

Well, I was forced to abandon all things and revisit Pipeline from Kubwa-Byazhin road up to Zeberced Quarry by NNPC filing station on Arab road.

There is no police post here. The one that was, had been marked for demolition by ADC. There is no life or equipment or any police officer there.

The closest police post is at upper Bazango, accessible from Guinness Junction before Madam Edo-NYSC orientation camp.

The empty police rebuttal, didn’t state which police station or outpost gave them the intel. The Kubwa Police Command is at Phase 4 Kubwa tucked in around Kubwa General Hospital and Kubwa High Court.

Well, people living around Pipeline maintain that robbery took place on Wednesday and it is a regular occurrence and the police has repeatedly refused to respond to their distress calls.

Police post at Pipeline, deserted and marked for demolition.

Pipeline, is notorious area in Kubwa and murder occurs there at a drop of heart.

Less than 5 years ago, my friend and University of Abuja students leader, Suleiman Mohammed was stabbed to death by urchins at Pipeline. We deed our best to get police to act, one person was arrested when Suleiman’s identify card was found on him. He claimed he is a mai bola(refuse scavenger), and that he picked up Suleiman’s ID card on the floor. Case closed, police did not prosecute or continued investigation.

It was also at this Pipeline that a Redeemed Christian Church of God, female evangelist, was murdered for preaching the gospel during early morning that coincided with the time Muslim faithfuls go for their first prayer of the day.

What other evidence does the police need before swinging into action to comb and rid Pipeline of criminals? Is two deaths (reported, we believe there are others) in less than 10yrs not enough?

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