Bandits Invade Kubwa Pipeline

According to reports from Bazango, Kubwa and reported by many news outfits, bandits numbering about 20, invaded Pipeline area of Kubwa at about 2am this Wednesday morning and operated for an hour, moving from house to house without any resistance.
This part of Kubwa, is a ghetto and notorious for petty crimes. It is located behind NYSC Orientation camp. It stretches from Kubwa-Byazhin road through Bazango to Kubwa Express road beside Brick Estate.
Dead body of Eunice Olawale. Up to date, nobody had been arrested or tried for her murder.

Pipeline is that part of Kubwa where Eunice Olawale, a female Redeemed evangelist was murdered on July 9, 2016.
Pipeline has suspected presence of Islamic fundamentalists, drugs are cheaply hawked in this ghetto.
One of the victims who spoke to the media said that the robbers threatened to kill his eight-year-old son if he did not give them money.
A resident, who narrated the incident, said the armed hoodlums came with different dangerous weapons and injured the community’s local vigilantes, after which they robbed the area house-to-house.
The hoodlums also reportedly attacked and took away priced valuables such as phones, electronics and other gadgets.

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