Ghana Bundles Nigeria Out of Qatar Word Cup Bound Train; Comedian Ask Fans To Fix Nigeria

Nigeria was this night kicked out of the World Cup by Black Stars of Ghana despite the gimmicks of the Nigerian Government. Light was switched off on Monday when Black stars of Ghana was having a feel of the stadium.

To increase the number of fans to boo Ghana, FGN, mandated today to be half working day for civil servants and provided free bus rides from secretariat to stadium and free tickets were given.

But Ghana scored first, had Nigeria chasing tail and the game ended 1-1 but Ghana advanced based on away goal rule.

Article 20:10 of the FIFA Rule book states: “If both teams score equal number of goals over the two matches, the away goals scored by the visiting team shall be counted as double.”

Nigeria did not score in Kumasi.

Nigerian fans not happy with the result, took to the pitch, vandalizing the stadium. Tear gas was fired and number of arrests made.

But Ghanaian comedian replying Nigerians on twitter said, “Nigeria, should fix their country before attacking me. I will not respond to their criticisms because their country is most divided country in the world.”

Mohammed, a fan we spoke to at NINA viewing center, said the fans vandalization, is a misplaced aggression. They should have taken their vandalism to Aso Rock and protest the insecurity in Nigeria, the scarcity of fuel and outright wickedness of Buhari led APC government.

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