APC 7,584 Delegates of Sorrows Tears & Blood

The ongoing national convention of the APC in Abuja, has been described by a delegate from Imo state, as a conference of sorrow tears and blood.

He lamented this after tear gas was fired into the crowd by security personnel to control the surging crowd, trying to gain entrance into the Eagle Square, the enclosed venue of the meeting.

Following the firing of tear gas, stampede ensued and many delegates were wounded, their valuables like phones, money and wristwatches were stolen.

An Edo delegate after joining others to booing the Minister of health Dr. Osage Ehanire and sent him from the stand designated for the state , said that the convention is poorly organized that the party was more interested in horse trading, arm twisting to get a consensus national chairman than paying attention to details, particularly the safety of delegates. He asked why 7,584 delegates should be cramped into Eagle Square, making a mockery of the COVID-19 Protocol that federal government had spent money on.
Would it amounted to breach of our constitution if the conference was done online and delegates vote for candidate of their choice electronically? He asked.

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