Onyeka Onwenu Kubwaexpress Man Of The Week

Our man of the week, an elegant stallion, golden voice, mother, ageless angel, strong moral pillar, hardworking Amazon and a classic fashionista, needs no introduction.

Her song ageless  Ochie Dike has come to be the “national anthem” at every Mother’s Day celebration. No teenager grew up without the motherly advice in her song with Sunny Ade-Wait for Me sounding in your head and directing to “if you love me(him or her), wait for when both of you are ready to have sex, near the consequences and don’t start a family, when you’re not ready.”  All her albums now legendary with most of her songs remixed but none beats the original with her raw un-amplified angelic voice.

Apart from growing up listening to her songs and having a crush, like Micheal Jackson had on Diana Ross. Even the legendary Fela once proposed to marry her!
I never got close to her or attended any of her shows until sometime in 2019, providence brought us into one WhatsApp group. I was a “nuisance” in the group with daily dropping my campaign posts and pictures, bending the rules without breaking them. As one of the youngest in that group, I guess I was tolerated and some of them saw a rascal younger version of themselves in me and laughed off my tantrum as youthful blood. But to my surprise, Onyeka Onwenu private chatted me and asked for my account details and was the first from that group to make an earthquaking donation that shook both my account and my heart.

She didn’t stop at this her “anonymous” bomb, but she raised her voice in that group and others  gave more than widower’s and widow’s mite.
Since this heart gladdening incident, we have been in touch and when her book My Father’s Daughter came out, I was among the first 50 readers to get an autographed copy. She sent it to me without me bearing any cost.

Witty Onyeka chatted me and wanted to know my reaction to the book and which part I enjoyed most and why. We spent days chatting front and back discussing the book and had a bond with By Serendipity pages 425-440. 

Onyeka is cerebral, a song writer, a journalist/broadcaster, a seasoned actress an activist in her own right. I still with childhood memory remember her protest at Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) offices on Victoria Island, over NTA’s refusal to pay her royalties for using her songs. The sit in was accompanied with hunger strike that lasted 6 days. She is also a politician, a woman leader, a caring loving mother, a matriarch and upholder of igbo culture and an igbo centric. She believes in one Nigeria, has served her in many capacities, promoted her unity but not afraid to pull out and join the agitation for Biafra if Nigeria continues to treat her people-igbos unjustly. She has at many  times and in many places, called on ndi igbo to focus on developing South East. She is reported as saying, ““If we do have to split, I want to go back home. Even if we don’t split, I want to do so much in the South East. We are neglected in the South East. And I’m telling every Igbo people, whatever you are doing outside Nigeria, go home, and do something at home.

“It doesn’t take away whatever you are doing in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt. You are free to live and do business wherever you are but remember back home. We are being marginalized for a long time. And our people have always done things for themselves.

“We built the Imo Airport. I was part of the process. It remains the only airport in the country that was built by the citizens and handed over to the Federal Government.

Our man of the week just turned golden brown 70 and is still a neck turner, graceful and charming.

For comprehensive biography and independent touch of Onyeka Onweu, click http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/852197.stm https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onyeka_Onwenu



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  1. Great Combination, che and Elegant Stalion. Have always loved and admired her growing up. Her songs was like a ringtone from my late father’s turntable back in the days. More wins bro

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