John Cardinal Onaiyekan Street Kubwa

This is that street that stretches from Gado Nasko to F01 and terminates at the roundabout that leads to Arch Garden.

It starts from the traffic light after Veteran plaza, where Infinx mart used to be.

John Cardinal Onaiyekan street, is named after a Nigerian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church and was Archbishop of Abuja from 1994 to 2019 and was made a Cardinal in 2012.

Curiously enough, there is no Catholic Church on this street or the adjoining streets that gets access from it.

The following streets are off John Cardinal Onaiyekan street;  

Fufore Road

Sagbama Road

Arochukwu Crescent

Kanamga Link

Martins Achimugu Street

Nath Emezue Close.

The most popular landmark on this street, is National Maritime Quarters.

You can access 3 relaxation joints from this street via Martins Achimugu; Wazobia garden, Gozie and 2-1 garden.

The street is well narrow but well tarred, speed bumps are here and there to slow traffic.
All the adjoining streets we visited, are untarred, dirty, dusty in need of serious attention by Bwari Area Council.
The streets have no drainage, residents channel their liquid waste into the street.

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