Fuel Scarcity; N285 A Liter Queue Free Fuel In Kubwa

Tired of aimlessly waiting on queue for fuel, there is respite in Kubwa.

A filing station located in inner part of Kubwa off the express road, sells fuel at N285 a liter despite boldly displaying PMS N145.
There is no queue, they do not discriminate against those buying in jerrycan s, Okada, generator’s tank and car. The flat rate is N285.

Residents of Kubwa we spoke to, said this is a welcome development as black market sells between 350-450 a liter. He further stated that since the petroleum minister has refused to address the nation on this issue, Nigerians are best left to find how to survive.

Carol, a resident of Byazhin, said it is better Government removes this subsidy and make fuel available than this artificial scarcity. She said the quest for fuel at odd hours, have strained many homes with accusation of infidelity bandied around. She said her neighbor who goes out every 3:30 am in the name of looking for fuel was caught in a compromising position in neighbor’s house, whose husband too had claimed he had gone to look for fuel.

A community activist we spoke to, angrily told us that Government is deliberately frustrating Nigerians, so that Nigerians will beg for fuel and willingly accept the removal of subsidy, so long as there is fuel available and no queue. He wondered why NLC, TUC and Civil Society Organizations are quiet in the face of this hardship.
Image from anti subsidy removal protest in 2012.

He recalled the roles played by them in 2012 when the Jonathan administration attempted to remove subsidy.
Where is Lamido Sanusi Lamido the dethroned Emir of Kano, he asked? Or was the 2012 anti subsidy removal protest, a sponsored protest to discredit Jonathan and make way for the emergence of APC and President Buhari? He finally stormed off fuming that it is like leadership of NLC, TUC and CSOs have been compromised and promised APC platform to contest election in 2023.

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