Bishop Urges Those At Fuel Queue To Pray

For those spending their Sunday at the filling station, shall we pray?
You smiling and suffering patriotic Nigerians,  might as well organize your own Sunday service after all, where two or three are gathered, God is in their midst.
Should I suggest prayer points or allow you to pray as your spirit leads while waiting for them to open the gate to serve you refined  devil’s excreta?

Whatever your spirit leads you to pray for, remember to ask for Holy Ghost Fire, the cleaning messenger of God,  to descend on any filing station hoarding fuel;

Descend on the incompetent minister of petroleum and burn him into action;

Descend on the President of Nigeria, so that he can fire the Minister of petroleum;

Descend on all APC delegates coming for their National Convention, may they not have fuel to move their buses; may they miss their flight; may they rent hotel rooms without light or those that only on their generator from 10pm-5am;

Descend and burn all NLC/TUC leaders for keeping quiet, watching APC and Buhari ruin the salary of Nigerian workers;

Descend and burn any NLC/TUC leader who is keeping quiet because he or she doesn’t want to rock the boat because he or she wants to contest in 2023, on the platform of APC.

Nigeria’s INCOMPETENT Minister of petroleum.

And finally Holy Ghost, let your fire consume all of members of Federal Executive Council that meet and fail to loudly speak to the hearing of Mr. President, that he is incompetent as Minister of Petroleum and should relinquish that ministry.

Like the fire that Elijah called down, we call on you Abba Father, send down fire to cleans our land, let it ignite our hearts with burning desire to walk the talk and birth a new Nigeria.

Amadioha, the Igbo god of thunder.

These we pray in the name of….(choose your own Chi that gives you access to your God)
For me, I have called on Amadioha, the god of thunder to use lightening and deafening sound to deliver the message to all and any with hearing problem in Aso Rock.

—© Bishop of The Sinners Assembly.

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