AEDC Throws Kubwa In Putrefying Darkness

The epileptic, comatose power supply by Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), has finally died, putting Kubwa into putrid darkness. Many households with meat, fish and other perishables are scampering, looking for how to preserve them.
Relaxation centers in Kubwa have added money to the cost of cold bottle of beer and other services they render. Heat is baking children and rashes the size of scabbiest are popping up like German floor all over the bodies of Kubwa residents.

According to a statement by AEDC, the darkness, is due to system collapse at the national grid.

This excuse is disheartening as AEDC and her counterparts in other parts of Nigeria, secretly increased tariff with the aim of improving national grid with the proceeds of this astronomical increase. Instead, Nigerias are insulted with increased darkness.

Residents of Kubwa, are urged to find alternative means of preserving their foods and perishables.

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