Assuming Sowore Wins 2023(don’t say God forbid yet),

The roforofo at Grade 1 Area Court, Kabusa, started when Marshal and some defendants were brought in prison van and one of Sowore’s boys was videoing them coming out of the van. 

The armed guard, raised objection to the videoing. Other relations of defendants too, raised displeasure to the videoing of their relations.

Sowore boys started shouting that they have the right to video. I entered into discussion with a journalist in court about videoing and that the other defendants have right not to be videoed.

This did not go down well with Sowore boys and one that they call Wiseman took it personal and started using choice adjectives to describe me. Actually, I was expecting this attack since about two days ago.
They did not find my insistence that their fight should be against the police and not Ned Nwoko. Ned merely reported and alleged that Sowore’s Saharareporters defamed him. Ned has such right and if the police is compromised, whose fault is it? Secondly, they hated the argument that Marshal, Sowore’s lawyer in the firm of Falana & Falana, was arrested because he stood surety for Sowore and Sowore failed to show and the police picked up Marshal. So with this online hostility, I knew physical confrontation was inevitable but it came sooner than I thought.

As the true son of my father, I replied him and assured him that I will beat him up very well. Hell broke loose!

Few minutes later Sowore arrived walked through the court to the Registrar’s office. I ignored him but on his way back, he called my name, I got up to greet him and he started tirade about the video I made with regards to the court. Well the rest is captured in the video his media team made and streamed it life.

Well, assuming Sowore wins 2023(don’t say God forbid yet), is this the kind of President Nigerians will have?  President that will not listen to opposing view?

The truth is, nobody wins in anarchy. You can storm the police station in protest but know that if suspects escape, all innocent law abiding citizens are at risk.

Well finally, Marshal was released, not in open court but from Sowore’s post, arrangement was reached yesterday and the bail conditions not clear.

While waiting for the court to commence proceedings, the thugs Sowore brought to court, were throwing empty missiles at me. They were quite childish but if a snake doesn’t behave like a snake, pregnant woman will use it to tie firewood. So I replied them and made them offer, to share the $5000 they alleged that Ned Nwoko gave me with them. As per calling me DSS agent, I am used to it. When people cannot match your intellectual prowess, they look for things to throw dust into the argument.

For Sowore and his boys, if you disagree with Sowore, you are an enemy, not worthy of existence or your voice heard.

So dear Sowore and his boys, what ideology are you bringing on board come 2023 or is it sheepish following of Sowore and shouting Revolution Now? How will the revolution come? My shouting, making videos and sending to donors abroad for funds to carry out the revolution?

If Sowore wins, he should know that the same amount of pressure he gave others, will be doubly given to him.

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  1. Sowore is best at what he is doing, social crusading. He should leave politics alone because they will never allow him.

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