Manhole In Abuja; FCTA Uses Concrete Slab

After series of complaints by people who had fallen into gaping manholes in and around Abuja, the FCT Administration, has commenced covering the manholes with fabricated concrete slabs.
While this is a relief, we are bothered that nobody has been arrested or prosecuted for vandalizing these manholes.
Any resident of Abuja you speak to, will tell you that the covers of these manholes, are stolen by mai bola(refuse collectors) and sold at pantaker-junk/second hand market where used household items of any imaginable descriptions are fenced.
But a closer look at the manhole covers, puts a big question mark on these observations by some residents.
The mechanism for opening the manhole requires a level of expertise and Allenkey to open. Do these mai bola have such tools?
No matter how the table turns, the FCT Administration, should double its surveillance and apprehend those responsible for these.
They should also intensive the rate of covering these gaping manholes and open gutters, as a good part of Abuja, still have these littering their streets.

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