Abuja Lawyers And Fear; Lagos Lawyer To The Rescue

Once upon a time, not too long ago, lawyers in Abuja, were not allowed to enter Federal High Court Abuja, with their phones. Only Senior Advocates were allowed. In deed all animals are not equal, despite the scale blind Lady Justice carry.

Then as a regular lawyer, I protested, longing in vain for others to join, so that we can make impact.

But Abuja lawyers avoided me the way Jews in Moses time avoided lepers.
But a lawyer came from Lagos state and sustained resistance against this policy. Today Abuja lawyers freely go into the courts with their phones and none has bothered to salute the courage of that lawyer from Lagos.

Abuja lawyers, there are lots of injustice and fraud going on in and around your jurisdiction, when will you raise up for justice or do you only shout human right when you are paid by your client and will still go on Appeal to defend the police you opposed at court of first instance?
Are you waiting for JUSUN to start another strike for you to know that the courts are in dare need of comfortable chairs?
The 3 and half NBA branches in Abuja are not helping matters, they appear to be more interested in messaging the egos of judges than engaging them to sit up and do their duties. NBA is aware that most Abuja judges, don’t sit by 9 and the rot in lower courts stink to high heavens. 

For that Lagos lawyer that liberated Abuja lawyers, I salute you.

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