Know Kubwa; Her Beauty Parlors

They come with different chic and romantic names, with spa affixed at their end. They are all over Kubwa.

Kubwa residents like other cosmopolitan cities, take their beautification seriously as they must represent and show that they too are in tune with current fashion and beauty tips.

The price of services rendered by these spas splashed around Kubwa, are pocket friendly, the attendants cheerful and courteous, with dexterity that will make Cleopatras green with envy(apart from Queen Cleopatra of Egypt,  there is Cleopatra of Jerusalem-the fifth wife of King of JudeaHerod the Great )

The skills of these enterprising young ladies, will darken that of Queen Nefertiti’s cosmetologists.

We encourage you to take out time and visit any of the spas in Kubwa and give your body a treat, you owe it to yourself.

Apart from making Kubwa ladies look gorgeous, these spas also have sections reserved for men, who want to groom their beards, wear dreadlocks, trim their hair or just generally look good to improve their self esteem and eligibility to get attention from Kubwa ladies.   On the average, hair cut is N500, shaving only is N300 and if you want your beard to be waxed like Oliver De Coque’s you pay extra-looking good costs good money.

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