Know Kubwa; An Evening In Chikakore

With AEDC’s refusal to give us steady power in and around phase 4, Kubwa, I went in search of a hotel that has 24 hours self generating light. Should I go to NINA hotel or explore other areas and compare their services, prices to that of NINA?

My Okada rider suggested I visit a hotels in Chikakore pronounced Chikakwere by Igbos living in this suburb. 1,200 Naira poorer, I toured the dusty, poor drainage bumpy suburb.
Chikakore a dusty suburb of Kubwa, like oasis in the desert, has some sprinklings of centers of pleasure.

The hotels in Chikakore are fine and if not told, you will not believe that such gems can be found in the midst of dusty, unkempt roads of Chikakore.

Chikakore, has lots of unmarked hideouts, good for TNT(Travel No Travel) or where lawyers will  hide incognito and tell their wives, they had gone  for Okoro Vs. The State, in Magistrate Court of Appeal outside Kubwa.

The services at the places we visited, are good, the waitresses dreamily polite, with dark luring eyes and seductively asking you, “what can I offer you.”

Unfortunately, they mostly have weed-cannabis-Indian hemp-kwale vegetable smokers puffing and polluting the environment. Until Kwale vegetable is legalized, it remains a crime to be in possession of it or smoke it. Abuja has been able to contain smoking cigarettes in open places but they are losing the battle against Kwale leave smoking.

We are also concerned that the owners and management of such beautiful edifices, will allow such despite the “No Smoking Of Hard Drugs” posted at conspicuous spots around the hotels.

The beer is not mortuary standard, this is becoming the ringtone of most joints in Kubwa since AEDC started distribution of darkness and the epileptic availability of fuel, is also responsible for this.

Three drinks after, we settled down at one but the same sickness is affecting it-Kwale vegetable smokers have taken over the cozy upstairs lounge. The upstairs lounge is the most vintage area, over looking the swimming pool and also offering a serene view of the entire hotel.

Like the others too before it we visited, there are sections of the hotel where those with light heads can sit in peace and enjoy their choice poison while watching life EPL match or whispering conspiratorially to their date with low music playing on the background.

Welcome to Chikakore, choose your corner and enjoy, there are enough branches for all birds to perch without jaming one another.

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