Kubwa Properties, Lands; Buyer Beware

Kubwa is fast developing with value of its properties appreciating yearly.

A land bought N2,000,000 in any part of Kubwa, 3 years ago, now goes for between 8-15 million. The choice areas are F01, Arab Road, Kubwa Centre District.

As enticing as these properties are, there lies the danger. Most prospective buyers, get carried away buy the sweet tongues of Kubwa lang agents and speculators. Many have been doped, the agent disappeared with their money or engage them in long, cash draining litigation.

Over 80% of cases emerging from Kubwa in FCT High Courts, are land sell, title and border disputes.

Those involved in land racketeering in Kubwa are well known to lawyers in Kubwa and these racketeers, engage the services of senior lawyers in Bwari division to defend them. It is a well orchestrated enterprise.

To avoid falling victim if you want to buy land in Kubwa, insist on due diligence search by a lawyer you engaged. Don’t rely on the lawyer or any lawyer recommended to you by the entity selling the land. Make sure that the land you are buying, have verifiable AGIS papers-Area Council or village/district head has no right to allocate land to you. Per adventure such is being marketed to you, make sure the agent gives you evidence of pre-el Rufai allocation offer or cross copy if the land had exchanged hand. With these, you should still conduct a search at AGIS before parting with your hard earned money.

Again, never buy land or property in Kubwa that the agent claims has “small court case” or that judgment in court of first instance had been given in his favor but the other party appealed.

And finally before you part with your money, make sure you visit the location and personally or through your attorney, physically see the land. Don’t buy because you were merely shown the layout on paper or a survey plan showing beacons. Some people have ended up buying stream, school lands, green area and refuse dump site.

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