Kubwa Central District Mechanic Village

It is located along Kubwa Byazhin road, few stone throw from Central Market Kubwa towards Kubwa train station.

Mechanics here, pride themselves in their abilities to repair Japanese cars and format all dysfunctional parts into factory setting. As bogus as this claim is, a good number of them are good and honest. The cost of repair is fair, considering that they go to Zuba to procure spare parts to fix your car.

Apart from Japanese-Toyota, Honda, they also fiddle with European cars, especially, German machines and French Peugeot. There are also those that fix Innoson, Ford and GMC.

Like mechanics all over Nigeria, they prefer to be addressed as automobile engineers or motor doctor.

Police man negotiating with union leaders before effecting an arrest

They have a well regulated union that sees to the daily resolution of conflicts amongst them and between them and customers. Police first contact the union before arresting any suspect in this village. The union like Greek style democracy, sit under the mango tree to adjudicate matters, with everyone having his say before a binding final decision is reached.

The village, is dusty but neat. Its present location is make shift, an encroachment on yet to be developed plots of land. These mechanics believe that once the owners of these plots commence building, they will be driven away. Monday Idirisu, CEO, King M.D.Auto Service Ltd, appealed to Bwari Area Council and Kubwa Ward Councilor, to designate some plots of land for them to build a permanent mechanic village.

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