Kubwa Death Traps

Inner streets of Kubwa, are narrow with wide gutters. This wide gutters, death trap, swallow cars on daily bases but the best days for accidents in Kubwa and on the express, are early Saturday and Sunday mornings.

After indulging till early morning in joints littered around, fun seekers impaired by high dose of alcohol and weed, are disoriented. Kubwa motorists, hardly obey the DON’T DRINK & DRIVE rules. Most claim they are more alert after 5 bottles of their favorite liquor.

But empirical evidence abound that these motorists are mistaken.

With blurred vision after bottles of their favorite liquor, coupled with hazy early morning weather, the gutter becomes a welcoming bed.

Apart from this neurological failure, the age of the cars on Kubwa roads, is also contributory factor to the number of accidents on Kubwa roads. Most residents of Kubwa, cannot afford brand new, tear rubber cars. They rely on fairly used imported cars or dilapidated Nigerian used bought as second hand, in one of the numerous car stands on Kubwa express. These “ancient cars” cough out life and the least expected time and place, forcing the car behind, to ram into them or they just cease to function and screed into the gutter.

Kubwa express has the highest number of open air car show rooms in Abuja.

While residents are enjoined to Not Drink And Drive, the government, should do something about these gaping gutters on Kubwa express and streets of Kubwa.

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