Bwari Administrative Head of Kubwa

Bwari Area Council, is one of the 6 area councils that make up FCT Abuja.
It has 10 Wards, of which Kubwa, is one of them. The others are; Bwari, Byazhin, Dutsen Alahaji, Igu, Kawu, Kuduru, Shere, Ushafa and Usuma.
Buhari Area Council Secretariat, is located off Law School road, in Bwari town.
The Bwari Area Council Chairman, is Dr. John Gabaya. He was re-elected at the just concluded Area Council Election 2022.
Economically, Bwari Area Council, is the second largest revenue generating council after AMAC. Some of the institutions in Bwari are; Federal Government Girls College, Nigerian Law School, Veritas University and Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB) HQ’s

The original inhabitants of Bwari, are Gbagyi speaking people often called Gwari. Their traditional ruler is called Esu or Sa-bwaya.
But with the arrival of settlers due to the creation of FCT, the Esu was displaced with the turbaning of district head to administer Bwari. The Sarki Bwari is a second class chief while the Esu is relegated to third class chief status.

HRH, Auwal Ikakoro, Sarki Bwari.

This has not gone down well with indigenous people of Bwari. They are still agitating for the abolition of the title and stool of Sarki Bwari or that occupant of that stool, must be a Gbagyi man, as Bwari is their ancestral home.
It was this agitation that led to the December 25, 2017 civil disturbance in Bwari, that resulted in burning of markets and unreported number of deaths. The principal actors, were Hausa settlers and Gwagyi youths.
The conflagration happened because of installation of Muhammad Auwal Ijakoro to replace his late father, Musa Ijakoro, as Sarki Bwari. The Ijakoros are of the Koro stork and migrated from Suleja emirate.

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