Abuja Residents Groan As Fuel Scarcity Lingers

The failure of Nigeria’s Petroleum minister, Mohamadu Buhari, to address the lingering fuel scarcity in Abuja, today, brought the city to standstill. Residents of Abuja we spoke to, lamented and questioned why is Government wickedly treating Nigerians like this. They further asked, what would have been Nigerians fate had God not blessed us with oil? Minister of petroleum, Mohammadu Buhari, rtd.

A trip around Central Business District showed a frightening queue at Conoil and Total in front of NNPC towers. NNPC mega station along Zone 1-Area 10, also had a monstrous queue.

Most filling stations in City center were not selling fuel.
Only two filling stations were selling fuel along Kubwa-NYSC Junction. This resulted in gridlock, trapping commuters for hours.
Stranded workers.

Most workers, did not come to work today because of the scarcity of fuel and astronomical increase in transportation fare by commercial and kabukabu motorists. Those were able to come, came late and couldn’t give their best.

Private motorist-kabukabu, providing services

Also the silence of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) over the continuing absence of fuel, is giving the residents of Abuja, serious cause of concern. The leadership of NLC demobilized a national anti-subsidy removal rally being planned by Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and labour after the Government announced that it had shifted, suspended the removal of subsidy and are in talks with NLC.

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