Usama-Kubwa Wards Election; preliminary observations

The FCT Area Councils election kickstarted today by 8:30 am.

We visited Polling Units in Usuma and Kubwa Wards of Bwari Area Council.

INEC distributed materials on time and officers, with NYSC ad hoc staff were conveyed in commercial buses to their different duty posts.

Ad hoc staff waiting for voters.

We observed that many polling units, are exhibiting tail-tale signs that there will be low turnout.

At Black and White, over 2 hours into voting time, no voter had come to vote. Residents were seen playing volleyball and showed no interest in the process going on.

At PW Primary School, in a polling unit with only 9 registered voters, non of them is yet to arrive, 2 hours after INEC flagged off accreditation and voting.

At LEA Kubwa 2, voting did not commence on time as officers were insisting that voters must wear face mask or they will not be allowed to vote.

Beside phase iv mosque, voting was going on smoothly. Once a voter is accredited, she proceeds to vote.

A polling unit in Usuma Ward, has only one registered voter. As at the time we were there, this lone voter has not arrived to cast his vote.

Around these polling units, are small snacks markets. A careful observation revealed that these markets, are payout points. Party agents  use this places as rendezvous and bank, to pay those who comes with evidence of voting for their party.

Some crafty party agents, take up any drinking/eating joint close to the polling unit and induce voters. They buy you a bottle or a plate of your choice delicacy and “discuss” which party you should vote for.

Police officers were also seen lacing themselves with alcohol in one of the joints close to PW primary school polling unit. This school is also the collation centre for Usuma Ward.

Maitama ultra modern market Kubwa, had its gates open for business.

Throughout our ride around Kubwa, no security personnel was seen observing the curfew.

Residents of most estates we visited, were busy playing “monkey post”, idling away and openly expressing their unwillingness to participate in the voting process going on.

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