Know Kubwa; Chikakore

Apart from Gado Nasko Road, another major road in Kubwa, is Arab road.
Arab road, stretches from the Brick city end of the express to IITA. It has three bridges; two provide motorists ramp to climb over train and the 3rd one, located at IITA, has the last surviving stream in Kubwa, running through it, when completed. Arab road when finally completed will melt into Dutse Sokale.
Arab road, is the chasm that separates Kuwba from Byazhin and Chikakore.
Chikakore is that settlement accessible from the Junction after Dantata estate gate before Goshen Montessori School. The route to Chikakore, is best described as, Champions Royal Assembly Junction. Champions Royal Assembly, is the most popular destination and highest employer of labour in Chikakore.
This mega church and their church buses carrying faithfuls and miracle seekers, to their weekly programs, add to the dusty nature of Chikakore. Chikakore when fully developed, will link Arab road to Bwari.
Historically, Chikakore, is the farm land of indigenous people of Kubwa and Byazhin. But as Kubwa grew, the new arrivals had to source for areas to build.
Chikakore is made up of mostly new houses, built by owners, who were once tenants in Kubwa but got fed up by the yearly increase of rent by landlords.
Like every other upcoming settlement in Abuja, Chikakore lacks basic infrastructure like road and water. Every house supplies its water via borehole. The roads in Chikakore are dusty casting cake of dirt on the new houses in Chikakore.
Value of property in Chikakwere is constantly on the raise and once the road and drainages are fixed, Chikakwere will give F01 a run for its money. Chikakore well planed and has good road network.
Despite these bad roads and dusty environment, Chikakore like main Kubwa, has a serious night life with all the trappings of Garki.
Like the rest of the world, Chikakore, is agog with the feeling of love in the air and all the happening places in Chikakore, have rejigged themselves to provide romantic getaway.

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