Fuel Scarcity, Long Queues Persist.

Contrary to reports by government media outfits that queues have disappeared from filling stations in Abuja, our roving lenses on Kubwa Express Road, captured long queues and most filing stations were closed.
Gegu at Dutse Junction, was not selling. Eterna close to it, had long queue. NIPCO at NNPC Junction Kubwa 2nd gate had long snake like line blocking the service lane.
Apart from these long queues, blackmarket vendors were seen making brisk gains from motorists who are in a hurry and cannot queue in this baking Abuja sun.
The price of fuel at this alternative filling station, is still between N3000-N3500 for 10 litters.
Fuel scarcity, long queues and blackmarket operators, resurfaced in Abuja last week Wednesday in anticipation of Government’s removal of subsidy.
Government had since announced that she had shelved the idea till 18 months while she continued talk with Nigerian Labour Congress.

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