Kubwa Ward Councilorship Debate (ii)

With great anticipation, the residents of Kubwa, looked forward to the first ever interaction with those seeking to represent them.
A debate was organized by Kubwa Ward Students Association to give platform for all the 7 councilorship candidates to interact with the residents of Kubwa.

The moderator

According to the organizers, invitation was sent to 5 political parties and all attempts to reach SDP and ADP candidates, were abortive. Of the 5 candidates reached, only Barr. Juliet Isi Ikhayere of ADC and Adamu Shekwonya of APC, turned up.

APC Candidate responding to a question.

It was not freestyle but 16 questions were in a bag and contestants were asked to nominate a person from the audience, to pick any number and read out the question for the contestants to answer.

ADC Candidate responding to a question.

Both candidates did well, gave good account of themselves, showed good knowledge of issues affecting Kubwa. While answering some of the questions, the candidates revealed how much their campaign train had toured the nook and cranny of Kubwa Ward in search of votes.

A section of the audience

With the absence of the other 5 councilorship candidates, the anticipated fireworks of a debate, were dampened and the audience disappointed.


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