Arab-F01-Dutse Road Advances To Completion.

The daily gridlock in Kubwa, will soon be a thing of the past.
Work on the link bridge to F01-Dutse, from Arab road, has reached advanced stage and will be completed soon.
Heavy earth movers and construction personnel were seen at site frantically working to deliver. Pillars have been erected at the F01 end while casting and iron work are still going on at the IITA end of Arab road.

One of the surviving body of waters in Kubwa passes under this bridge.

When completed, the link bridge will make it easier for those in Dutse, F01 to access Kubwa Express on their way to Zuba, Suleja Gwagwalada, rather than going through inner Kubwa roads and Dutse Alahaji.
It will also make it a choice access to the Express by heavy duty trucks that are expected to carry goods to the new market at F01 beside Daughters of Charity Hospital.

IITA end of Arab road, is a popular spot for sports enthusiasts in Kubwa. Also used for picnic.

Residents of Chikakwere, IITA end of  Arab road and F01, while excited that completion of this bridge will boost commerce, add value to properties in their communities, have called on the Bwari Area Council, to put barriers at the river banks, to prevent mai bolas from dumping refuse off the bridge into the water after completion.

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