Measures To Curb Flood In Kubwa

Nice initiative to curb plastic bottles ending up in Kubwa water ways, block drainages and cause flooding of the neighborhood.
We urge residents of Kubwa to, separate their wastes into bio and non-bio degradable.
The non-bio degradable can be brought to any location where these silos are and exchanged for money or other items made from recycled materials.

Bwari Area Council, should embark on sensitization and advocacy rallies, to educate mai bola on how to sort waste and stop dumping refuse into Kubwa water ways.
Bwari Area Council, should also make sure that these collection silos are in all markets within its sphere of authority.

Producers of sachet water(pure water), should be mandated to have a pick back policy, reward their customers who return bags of sucked and discarded pure water nylons.
Eateries, hotels and drinking joints, should be compelled to provide separate bins for their waste and label them appropriately.

Kudos to Nigerian Bottling Company, makers of Coca-cola for donating these silos.
We also commend Chanja Datti-transforming waste into value, for powering this.
We appeal to other corporate organizations and NGOs, to emulate these two.

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