Kubwa Councilorship Debate 2022

A debate organized by Kubwa Ward Student Association, for the Seven Councilorship Candidates, seeking to represent Kubwa at Bwari Area Council Legislative Chambers, comes up today, 29th January 2022 at LEA Primary School, Kubwa II, by 4pm.

Who will carry the day?
The answer to the above question, will depend on the structure of the debate.

If it is freestyle and not question and answer, Barr. Ikhayere Isi Juliet of ACD will triumph. Apart from being a lawyer, she is the only female candidate and also the youngest at age 26. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her resume is rich and dwarfs that of others. It is believed that her background as a lawyer, will give her an edge over others at the debate.

Another candidate expected to do well at the debate, is Mustapha Tanko of PDP. Mustapha, holds a NCE qualification and is 29 years old. By virtue of his training as a teacher, it is our reckoning that if he calls his experience to bear during the debate, he will give all other contestants a run for their money.

Adamu Shekwonya aged 29 of the APC, with SSCE, is expected to put up brilliant performance. He holds the advantage of debating at home turf and will be spurred by his teeming supporters in Kubwa village to excel.

The debate, may witness a surprising twist from Akpan Emem Marcus of the YPP. With SSCE and aged 48, he is the oldest among the candidates. This age advantage, if it is commensurate with his experience in the affairs of Kubwa politics, it will serve him at the debate.

We couldn’t access the remaining candidates, hence we couldn’t form an opinion on their abilities.
But know that a dark horse may emerge from; Musa Suleiman of ADP, who is 36 years old and holds SSCE;
Abubakar Mohammhed Umar, 31years, SSCE holder and APGA Candidate;
Suleiman Mohammad Salisu, 38 of the SDP and SSCE holder.

Despite how the debate turns, who wins or loses, is not the true measure of who will win the election come Saturday 12th February. Eloquence at debate, has never made a candidate win an election in Nigeria and Kubwa will not an exception.

The election will be won by any party that has presence in the 80 INEC Polling centres and is capable of mobilizing Polling Agents to protect her or his votes during election. This is capital intensive and any party that does not have a Chairmanship Candidate participating in the election, victory will be as possible as climbing Zuma rock.

Against this backdrop, the advantage goes to APC and PDP. These two remain the party to beat or will ACD pull a cat out of her bag of tricks?


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