Inside The Venue Of Today’s Kubwa Ward Councilorship Debate

The debate starts by 4pm but we chose to have uncensored tour of the venue before noise and dust of politicians will blind us from seeing the state of things in the school they had chosen as the venue.
The venue, houses a primary and secondary school. The primary school is built with red bricks and has been in existence long before the junior secondary school was added.
The brick structures are neat, no evidence of being weather beaten, unlike the blocks in Junior Secondary school section.
Both share the same misfortune of having their windows made of iron panels. Who fabricates windows with iron for school children in this unforgiving Abuja heat?
The windows in most of the Junior Secondary school blocks have fallen off, exposing the children to the elements.
The roof has partially given off, forcing the school authorities to seal access to upstairs.
The toilet is unhygienic and broken chamber was seen.
Unfortunately, no teacher or person of authority was seen in the school, as today is Saturday but various teams of sports enthusiasts, were seen exercising in the dusty field of the school.
We look forward to 4pm and what these candidates will say about the state of infrastructures in schools dotted around Kubwa Ward.

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