Kubwa Express, Long Walk To Digitalization

Kubwa Express News, was conceived illegally on 15th October, 2010 as Kubwa Xpress Newspapers. But the lustful idea to birth it, preceded this date and there were some miscarriages along the road to October 2010.

At its infancy, we dedicated it to raising different issues in Kubwa but it took a dangerous detour and focused mainly on NBA and its affairs.
This made Kubwa Express lose focus of its avowed bias for news, events and businesses in communities off the Kubwa Express Road.     Despite our voyage into NBA, her politics and reporting activities of some government agencies, we never lost completely the dreams of our founding fathers.
The first edition of Kubwa Express News, was a flyer, distributed free at NBA Abuja meetings, pasted at conspicuous notice boards in FCT High Court and CAC-then CAC was the Dugbe market for lawyers. Free copies were also distributed by depositing them at hotels and supermarkets in Kubwa.
From the humble days of one page flyer, Kubwa Express News, graduated into four pages folded in church bulletins style.
As Kubwa Express became a voice within NBA, some men and women of goodwill both in and outside NBA circle, showed interest and encouraged Kubwa Express.
With these encouragement, Kubwa Express printed its first edition of magazine format. And like a domesticated lion who tasted fresh blood, Kubwa Express News, could not go back to the days of flyers or bulletins. We sustained this monthly magazine format until about 2018
Due to relocation from Kubwa by our publisher, to participate in the 2019 General Election, Kubwa Express News went to coma.

While Kubwa Express was comatose, we kept thinking of how do we rehabilitate it as there was no other outfit covering Kubwa, the communities off Kubwa Express road.
This vacuum, inability by any outfit to cover Kubwa, her environs and Communities off Kubwa Express, triggered a wind of revival, like the morning dews on petals of a dried up flower, stirred up a need to reactivate Kubwa Express.
In line with the moving train of digitalization, Kubwa Express, has gone online. Despite this digital migration, Kubwa Express will still periodically, publish the magazine format as Kubwa has not fully matured into exclusive e-society. Cost of data is high, electricity is a challenge and due to these, a good number of Kubwa readers, wanting to save cost, browse only headlines and do not read deep.
The new revived Kubwa News, will be a hybrid catering for the internet generation and those yet to migrate.
We welcome you to www.kubwaexpress.com

Throughout the 10yrs Kubwa Express had been in existence, our publications were given out free and we were sustained by goodwill contributions from those impressed by our unique coverage.
You too can join this team of men of goodwill and assist us continue to uniquely cover Kubwa and the communities off Kubwa Express Road, from Zuba to AYA Roundabout.

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