Know Kubwa; Lagos Crescent 2/1

Lagos Crescent often referred to as Lagos Street, is the longest crescent in Kubwa.
Lagos crescent located off Gado Nasko road. You can access Lagos crescent immediately after InfiniMart Junction if you are coming from Federal Housing entrance or after Phase iv bridge, if you are coming from NNPC Junction entrance into Kubwa.
The most popular landmark on this street, is Yoruba mosque.
From Lagos crescent, you can access;
Burutu Road,
Odogbolu road,
Mardun link,
Dambam road,
and Mushin link
There are two hotels on Lagos crescent, Ivy Con and Tonis but the most popular hangout centre in Lagos crescent, is Chidon place.

Chidon place, is a mini garden. A tree provides shade, giving the ambiance of semi rural setting. Here is always animated with political discussion and the commentaries during EPL matches on any given weekend, is electrifying.



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