Kubwa Centres Of Worship (i)

In a sea of white garments, wearing black,I stuck out like a Cockerel among brood of chicks. The Prophetess leading the Bible study after she rang the bell like a primary school time keeper, made sure I was involved; I was asked to read some bible passages.
I was rescued when the security man came in and said, “brother, na you park that red car?, come and re-park.”
While descending the mountain to the car park, I knew the service was over for me. But before this rescue by the security man, I had toured the mountain, interacted with early worshippers.
By your left hand side on your way to the highest church in Kubwa, is Ori-Oke Atoris-Mountain of Reformation, an interdenominational prayer ground. Since a hunter gunning for a lion does not run after a fleeing rabbit, I didn’t pay much attention to them but focused on climbing the stairs to Mount Jehorah.
This Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, is a worthy tourist destination centre. If you can overcome your fears about White Garment churches, you should visit this place.
At Ancient Of Days Hilltop, is feet impression made by an Angel that descended on Mount Jehorah. FCT tourism board should rehabilitate the access road to this wonderful pilgrimage site.

The serenity of the church, will appeal to your soul to cry out to your maker and make supplications for humanity.
Today’s Sunday School teacher, is Prophetess Dupe Owotutu. Strip her of her white garment, she taught well like any televangelist. Her delivery laced with Yoruba, really tugged at my soul.
Special Apostle P.A.Abdulsalam, is the leader in charge. I was looking forward to participate in the famous trumpet-konga drum gyration of Cherubim & Seraphim until the security man interrupted me.
Going through the church’s bulletin for 23rd January, 2022, you will see no significant difference between them and any Pentecostal service.

There is also an appeal for assistance to the church, with the church’s Ecobank accounts displayed.

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