Know Kubwa; Her Las Vegas

The undisputed entertainment center of Kubwa, is Sultan Dasuki Road, stretching from Bakori Road to Gado Nasko.
Like Las Vegas in Nevada USA, Sultan Dasuki Road, is the hub of night activities in Kubwa. This road houses, Yellow Page, Cupid Hotel, Grand Valley Hotel, Movida, Kelly Para Lounge among other hotels and they operate at full thrust. Despite the darkness supplied by AEDC, this road is always seductive, with dazzling disco lights from the fence and sign posts of this hotel.

Kelly Para Lounge’s exotic dancer.

Like Vegas the sin city, this stretch, has its own share of merchants of the flesh, SK and other recreational drugs.

Despite the human traffic of fun seekers, parking of cars are well organized, the security is top notch and patrons are always happy; some singing contentedly off key, enter their cars and zoom off, others stagger like junkies in Las Vegas USA, haggle fare with Okada riders and find their way home, by any means necessary, before the first ray of sun penetrates the Kubwa sky.

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